iPhone App,

Turn your photos into endless camouflage designs, CAMOCAM let's
you generate high quality images and saves them to your photoalbum. 

It’s easy and fun, use them as backround wallpapers, gift cards, prints,
or simply as inspiration. There are twelve camo types some are classics, 
others inspired by objects and other artists alike.

So make art not war Download CAMOCAM.

You can create your own camo symbols and replace the original ones via iTunes.

1. Plug your phone into iTunes and select the 'Apps' Tab.
2. Under 'File Sharing' select CAMOCAM.
3. Save the files in the documents folder 'camocam_01 to 12' to your computer to modify them.
5. You can modify and replace these original files with your own imagery using any graphics software like Photoshop.
    (Make sure you keep the same file names and save them as PNG.)
6. Once you have made your new images save and replace them in iTunes - in the CAMOCAM folder.
7. You can also change the icon buttons to relate to your new camocam symbols.
    e.g. "icon_01.png" correlates to "camocam_01.png"

CAMOCAM images are 512 x 512 pixels divided into 4x4 tiles, there are 16 unique symbols to change.
if you follow these steps, you have yourself your own unique camo print textures.