iiT Bombay

Prepare to be sucked in to a liquid vortex, a celestial extravaganza of wondrous visions
and ethereal sounds. Welcome to a pool of mesmerizing liquid illuminations where eight
floating balls are your controls. Music and visuals are created from the interplay
between you, the balls and virtual objects.

To play - set the balls in motion, simple. Toss them, flick them, make ripples in the pool,
there are no rules. Only infinite compositions. The audio-visual compositions evoke
a sense of awe and thoughts of the universe,from a microscopic look into a petri dish
to a vision of infinite galaxies.

Exhibited at:
State of Design Festival Australia - 2011
Maitreya Festival, Australia - 2010
ITT Bombay Techfest, India - 2009