Virsual is a wireless, ride-on rocking horse equipped with its own motion sensor device.
As riders saddle up a 3D game is activated and displayed  on screen. 

To navigate through the game you simply rock back and forth, the game navigation has been
designed to mimic the "true life" motion of a rocking horse so that by rocking faster, the rider
increases their speed across the terrain.

There is nothing new about external game devices, just visit your local video arcade and you
will find cars, bikes, and even fishing rod simulations, what is special about Virsual
is that it is not a simulator it is first and foremost a rocking horse. Virsual is designed to
entertain and educate a child as they navigate through the virtual terrain. By removing the
difficulties associated with mouse and joystick control, Virsual can be enjoyed by young
children universally.

Virsual aims to increase the concentration and learning capabilities of a young child by
providing a more physical, intuitive and immersive activity.

Virsual has been a crowd favourite in exhibitions and festivals worldwide, visited by
thousands of kids and adults. He has picked up a number of awards,and has been acquired
by the Australian Melbourne Museum.