GE Money

A plush textured surface under feet sets the immersive scene for ENESS’ latest digital escapade on the banks of the Yarra River near Melbourne’s Fed Square.  Commissioned to conceptualise the ascetic and  functionality for ‘a tree of concern’, ENESS delivered, a physical habitat to survey, in more ways than one. This is a participatory event that provokes a stance from individuals regarding their most significant concern for our planet.

Artificial illumination reigns to produce a sublime environment that works diligently to interact with a spectrum of the human senses. An exploration of the space will tap into personal theories relating to natural capital and our worldview in relation to climate change – a term that is embedded with infinite meaning and consequence.  

A stylized projected tree, with a dedicated purpose to retrieve vital information of the public’s concern for the future, matures organically in response to a metaphorical fertilizer – insert a leaf and observe 

immediate evolution, an engrossing possibility for eco-systems of the world in need of nurturing. This installation serves as a temporary bastion for positive change, treasure your Natural Capital. 

Jan 2008 - Melbourne's Federation Square