Federation Square

A Pixile is an interactive digital sculpture which transforms a series of static objects into
an interactive illusion. Based on the elegance of a mobile sculpture and the dynamics of
real-time 3D computer rendering, the Pixile creates a powerful illusion of real-life objects
spinning,changing and responding to each other. Viewers can interact with the Pixile by
moving and rotating the objects in real-time, the Pixile can also respond to the users body
movements, sounds and even wind in the air.

To achieve this effect a custom built 3D engine was developed to mimic and simulate the
real life physical objects in a 3D generated environment. The virtual scene is then projected
 back onto the real-life objects, casting a virtual texture onto the static spheres.
The laws of physics are also applied to the virtual scene in order to create the perception
of the objects reacting to gravity and friction between them. This combination of techniques
creates a unique and effective interactive holographic illusion.