City of Sydney

Located in Pitt Street, Sydney for the month leading into Christmas lies the Infinite Choir, an interactive Christmas choir where a walkway of light sculptures and atmospheric choral sounds are triggered by your presence. Walk through on your own and you’ll hear a festive solo voice, walk through in a crowd and watch the figures light up and a full choir burst into song.  Share the fun and see how loudly and brightly you can make the Infinite Choir sing.  

Each interactive sculpture represents a unique voice from the choral choir.  Each member consists of a directional speaker [the black circle] an ultrasonic proximity sensor and an array of highly concentrated full RGB LED lights.  As the proximity sensor detects the presence of a passer by, it triggers, in unison, a vocal and light reaction from the sculpture.  The visuals are generated in real-time responding to the amplitude and frequencies of each unique voice.  Each of the 16 choir members are networked together to compliment each other in sound and light, creating an ever unique and festive experience of the senses.

Installation date:
28 November – 25 December 2013
Sydney - Pitt Street Mall